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nintendo please do this


I have thought about this a lot and have come up with a totally viable and simple feature that should be added to the next game! A way of picking where villagers live, but letting them randomly show up would still and an option and it’s totally mayor-y and cute and yesssss

I WANT THIS IN THE NEXT GAME, OKAY. OKAY. After the jump I will explain my idea because I’m excited about it;;

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reblog if you’re trustworthy when trading with people



autumn looks
Genji is moving on out


Trading: Genji
Looking for: Bluebear***, Freckles, Merry
Move date: Sept 27 (EST)
Additional info: my town is full, so you will have to come get him first. I’m really looking for Bluebear, she’s one of my last dreamies but I just want to give Genji a good home! ^^ 
tumblr URL: cuppycakecrossing
Mayor Name/Town Name: Lorelei/Dorvale
FC: 5472-7893-0879

Genji is moving away.

My bby bunny is hopping on out of my town. He’s a sweety and I’m gonna miss him but it’s time I let him go.
I’m looking for Bluebear if you have her, I need a peppy and she’s just precious, but I will also give Genji away to a good home. Message if interested! ^^


this is my favorite comic


I’m so sorry I’ve been inactive recently! I know most of you have gone back to school while I’m stuck at work XD Also, I’ve recently just lost my dear laptop, who served me so well over the few years I’ve had it. I’m still trying to figure out what’s wrong with it and if it can be fixed because I do not have the funds to buy a new one anytime soon.. anyways… Sorry about my absence and thank you for sticking with me throughout this ordeal.



For angiestown ! 

I worked really hard but had a lot of fun with this one~ Hope you like it!

Original screenshot: [ x ]